Uniroyal Tires rebate

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Uniroyal Tires does not often provide manufacturer rebates for their tires. Some products, like the Laredo lines are focused on specific segments that do not need the additional rebates to sell or are priced already at low prices. Occasionally a Michelin rebate will also include the Uniroyal brand or the other Michelin brands like BF Goodrich. Michelin uses a lot of rebates to sell their own brand of tires so it is a good idea to also check on Michelin Rebates. You can often find discounts for Uniroyal’s products at many retailers that specialize in the brand like Walmart, Sams Club or BJ warehouse clubs. In particular, local Walmart stores will often have discounts for the specially for Walmart products: Liberator, Touring Track and Long Touring.

Uniroyal Tires is a brand of automotive tires sold by Michelin corporation based in France. Uniroyal was originally named the United States Rubber Company and was one of the first North American tire companies. In 1961, the company switched its named to Uniroyal Inc. which was subsequently acquired by Michelin in their push to enter the North American market. Today the brand operates as a North American subsidiary of Michelin.

The Uniroyal brand is synonymous with Tiger Paw tires which were the OEM tires for many of the “muscle cars” of the 1960s and are still today still used the brand as original equipment for a few select American cars. Today Uniroyal focuses on value priced car tires, but it is best known for its line of Laredo Truck and SUV products. The current lines are:

  • Tiger Paw Car and Minivan all season
  • Long Touring
  • Touring Trak performance
  • Laredo Truck and SUV
  • Liberator sub brand

The Tiger Paw brand has stayed focused on consumers who are interested in a good ride and performance. Tiger Paws received many favorable reviews from owners who are looking to replace original the equipment on their cars with the same. They tend to be lower priced than many of their competitors and often carry competitive warranties. All Uniroyal tires come with a standard limited 6 year warranty against manufacturing defects. You can read more about the limited warranty here. There have been some complaints from Tiger Paw owners about the durability of the design and almost universal acknowledgment that many of the Tiger Paws handle worse in snow and icy conditions than comparable competitors. Uniroyal has also made a name of the Laredo truck and SUV lines. These tires specialize in both on road as well as off road driving. They have been well reviewed for their price versus value.

Latest Uniroyal Tire Rebates

There are no current Uniroyal rebates.

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