Sumitomo Tire Rebate

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Sumitomo is a renowned tire brand which is best known for offering leading edge technology tires. The tires manufactured by the organization are a unique blend of value and quality. Sumitomo is a popular name in the tire market and have always earned the appreciation of the customers for their incredible service and quality. It is the premium export brand of Sumitomo Rubber Industries Ltd. Sumitomo is extremely popular among the customers because of its superior quality, precision engineering and innovative design. It is also backed by one of the most prestigious business groups in the world, the Sumitomo Group. Sumitomo Tire is now considered to be a global brand which provides high quality services. Sumitomo Tire Rebate is sometimes offered for the customers to enjoy the best deal. It is always better to keep a track on the latest updates of the company so that you don’t miss out any of the lucrative rebates offered. The organization offers a wide variety of tires for the people to choose from.

Sumitomo Logo

The performance and Touring Tires offered by Sumitomo is designed with the latest technology. It assures the vehicle owners a smooth and comfortable ride. Some of the most popular Sumitomo performance tires are as follows:

  • HTR Z II
  • HTR T4
  • HTR Z
  • HTR A/S P01

Sumitomo Tire also offers high quality tires for SUVs and Light trucks. The HTR Sport H/P is ideal for light trucks, passenger cars, sports car and also for SUVs. The tires feature twin reversible sidewall designs. It is mainly designed for the plus size look. The secondary rib block is specially designed for providing maximum stability and wet grip. Sumitomo is also best known for its high quality medium truck tires. These tires are perfectly designed for hard work. ST 778 SE, ST 709, ST 938, ST 710, ST 918, ST 727, ST 528, ST 508, ST 901, ST 720, ST 778, ST 938 SE, ST 710 SE, ST 908, ST 718, ST 717, ST 518, ST 900, ST 520 and ST 770 are the popular medium truck tires available for sale.

Sumitomo Tire rebates
Replacing a tire can be very expensive at times and customers find it extremely difficult to bear the cost. A rebate offer is a breath of fresh air for the budget-conscious people. In recent years, Sumitomo has offered rebates about once a year or so. The rebates are not seasonally based, but seem to be focused on selling specific brands. These offers tend to be for specific tires and are sometimes offered in conjunction with large tire retailers.

Latest Sumitomo Tire Rebate

  • Get $50 rebate when you purchase 4 Sumitomo HTR A/S P01 from the Tire Rack. The rebate is valid until October 5th 2012 and can be downloaded here.
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