Hankook tire rebate

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Hankook’s business model does not call for regular tire rebates as their tire plants are located outside of North America and each tire has to be shipped to the US or Canada. Instead the company relies on constant low prices to sell their products. Hankook does have at least one rebate promotion a year, typically in the spring. The company will occasionally have a second rebate offer in the Fall and early Winter. The rebate offers for a variety of Hankook tires, including the company‚Äôs most popular models. The rebates range in value from $20 to $60 for 4 tires, depending on the costs of the tires. Of note, Hankook is one of the few tire manufacturers that still mail rebate checks versus prepaid visa cards.

Hankook Tire group is the largest tire manufacturer in Korean and the seventh largest in the world. Though the company has been making tires since 1941, it has only entered the United States and Canadian markets in the last decade or so. They have been known for producing quality tires for commercial and private passenger vehicles. In addition, the company are also used as original equipment on many Asian cars.

Hankook manufactures a variety of private passenger tires for the US and Canadian markets. Most of their tire models focus on the value market such as the all season tire and winter tire market. The company has recently ventured into specialty performance and off road tires. The most popular tires include:

  • Optimo all season
  • Mileage Plus budget all season
  • Ice Bear W300 winter
  • Nordik snow
  • Dynapro MT off road
  • Ventus performance


Hankook generally receive good rating from review sites and many consumer reviews. In particular, the Hankook Optimo H727 all season radials have gotten very good reviews for driving in any condition and overall handling. Many say their performance is as good as the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred but at a much lower cost. Optimos come with a 100,000 mile read wear warranty which is one of the longest manufacturer warranties available from any tire manufacturer. The only concerned raised by any reviewer is that the Optimo design is new so it may take a few years to measure long term durability. In addition, the Mileage plus and Ventus V12 performance tires tend to received many favorable reviews. The Hankook Ventus line in particular is known for ts handling in wet conditions.

Latest Hankook Tire Rebates

  • Get $50 or $80 rebate on select 4 Hankook tires. The rebate expires November 30th, 2012 and can be downloaded here.
  • Get $80 rebate on Ventus v12 evo or $50 on Optimo H426, Optimo H727 or Dynapro HT Hankook tires. This rebate expires June 30th, 2012.


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