Goodyear tire rebates

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Goodyear Tire tends to have at at least one active rebate running throughout the year. Most rebates require that you purchase a full set of four and range from $40 to $160 in value. The brand of tires available for rebates will change with the season. If you do not see the brand that you need, check again in a few months and the available Goodyear rebate brands will have changed but you should be aware that the rebates expire very quickly. If no good rebates are available, you can also find coupons or other discounts at the company’s auto care centers.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is a large tire manufacturers in the United States and one of the one of the biggest worldwide. The company started out manufacturing bike tires in 1880 but quickly moved to producing tires for the Ford Model T. It was the first tire manufacturer to produce products using the vulcanization process which is the precursor to modern tires. In modern times, the company has grown to a multinational corporation plants on in North America, Europe, Asia and central America. Worldwide, the manufacturer has also become well known for aerospace research and production, racing and of course the blimp. In the United States, they operates a chain of auto repair and maintenance centers which specialize in tire repair and sales. The automotive store exclusively sells the Goodyear products.

Goodyear has a brand of private passenger tires to fit almost every need. Their brands include:

  • Assurance all season passenger
  • Integrity all season
  • Fortera SUV
  • Wrangler truck
  • Eagle touring and performance
  • Nordic winter
  • Ultra grip winter

The company’s brand is well regarded for their all season and touring brands. In particular, the Goodyear Assurance triple tread tires are the most recommended all season tires. It produced good gripping in many different road conditions and carries a 80,000 mile warranty. The company’s tires are the factory installed equipment for many American cars, especially for truck and SUVs. The manufacturer covers all of their branded tires with a manufactures warranty against defects and problems. Warranties are supported by calling (800) 466-3932, at Goodyear auto care centers or licensed retailers.

Current Goodyear Tire rebates:

  • Goodyear is offering up to $80 rebate with the purchase of select models of their tires. The deal is valid until December 31st, 2012 and can be downloaded here.
  • get up to $80 back when you purchase select 4 Goodyear tires. The deal is good from July 1st through August 31st 2012 and can be downloaded here.
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