Firestone tire rebate 2013

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Firestone takes a different approach to the Firestone tire rebate program than most other tire companies. While most large manufacturers will issue rebates for their tires at specific time period that can be redeemed no matter which store you bought the tires, Firestone prefers to offer targeted deals for specific tires with only certain retailers. Most of the offers and rebates issued by the company are only good through the their own chain of Firestone complete auto care centers. These offers are only available for short periods of time and are specific to certain tires. In addition, the company will occasionally issue rebates in partnership with other large tire retailers. These rebates do not occur as often as the auto care center offers but often are available to a wider range of tire designs. In the last few years, Firestone has not issued a generic rebate that is redeemable if you buy your tires from any shop. This practice has probably contributed to less and less independent tire stores selling the Firestone brand, but the company seem to be doing enough with this marketing plan.

Firestone complete auto care center rebates
Every month, the care centers have new coupons and discounts for various tire services that will last only 1 month. Among the oil change, wheel alignment and tune up coupons you will find several tire coupons and rebates. These offers are almost always limited to tires from the parent companies Firestone and Bridgestone tire manufacturers. The Bridgestone rebates tend to be for several designs of tires and range in value from $25 to $100 for a set of 4 tires. On the other hand, the Firestone offers are for specific tires, generally one of the higher performance brands. These rebates range in value from $25 to $75. In addition, you can find coupons for certain tires if you 3 tires and get a 4th free. These coupons can be worth more than most rebates and you have the advantage saving the money right away as well as not paying taxes on the free tire in many states. All together these coupons can add up to total savings of over $100. Often times, these coupons are also good for a 50% discount on a second tire if you only buy 1 tire. This option is a great deal for people who only need 2 tires instead of the mandatory 4 tires for most rebates. If you only need 2 tires, check the fine print of the Firestone coupons and you may get lucky. If the coupon does not explicitly cover only buying two tires, many shoppers report that talking to manager can help them get the discount.

Firestone rebates
Firestone has specific rebates on tires if you purchase them from special tire retailers. These offers are often created specifically with a large tire retailer like TireRack. The rebates often take the form of Firestone prepaid rewards cards which range in value from $50 to $100. Though these deals do not occur as often as the auto center deals, they often are available at least once a year for select retailers and often are available longer than a single month. Before using these rebates, it is recommended that you check with the fine print of the offer and make sure that the retailer is participating in the rebate.

  • Get $70 Firestone gas card when you purchase 4 select Firestone tires. The rebate is valid until July 8th 2012 and can be downloaded here.
  • Get a $50 Mastercard prepaid rebate card when you buy a select set of 4 Firestone tires. The rebate lasts until June 25, 2011 and can be downloaded here.


Controversy over Firestone prepaid reward cards
Starting in 2010, Firestone rebates came in the form of a prepaid American Express card. Some recipients have reported not all stores will take these cards even if they already take regular American Express credit cards. The prepaid card is a new offering by Amex and the company is still working on extending the list of merchants that will take the card. In the mean time, there are some alternative ways to get the full cash value of the card. The easiest is to directly call Amex and ask for a check for the value of the card. In addition, most banks will deposit the value of the card if you are an account holder. Finally, most large internet retailers like Amazon will allow you to buy a gift card that will never expire.

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