Dunlop tire rebate

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During the course of the year you can find a Dunlop tire rebate for many of the company’s designs. There tends to be a rebate every few moths, particularly during the spring and summer months. These rebates are almost always published in conjunction with the rebates from the parent company Goodyear tires or occasionally Sumitomo. Rebates are almost always for 4 tires and range in value from $40 to $80 depending on the cost of the tires. For many of these rebates, you can double the amount of the rebate (sometimes up to $160) if you also use a Goodyear credit card. The rebates have been paid recently in visa cards which can be a hassle to redeem, but unlike most manufactures these rebates are almost always good for any tire shop that carry the Dunlop brand.

Goodyear markets and Manufactures all Dunlop tires for the North American and European markets. However, shoppers may encounter Dunlop designed manufactured and built by Sumitomo corporation which have been especially imported for their performance/racing characteristics. The Dunlop designed found in the North American market include:

  • Rover SUV/Truck tires
  • Grandtrek All season and performance
  • Signature CS for crossover vehicles
  • SP performance and all season
  • SP Sport performance
  • Direzza high performance sport tires
  • Graspic winter tires
  • SP Winter performance designs

Although there are Dunlop tires for almost every driver, the brand is most famous for its performance and racing tires. This is most likely because Dunlop designs are still consistently chosen by many professional and amateur race car drivers. These tires are known for this good handling as well as traction on dry pavement at high speeds.

Current Dunlop tire rebates

  • Get up to $80 rebate when you purchase select Dunlop brands. The deal expires on December 31st 2012 and can be downloaded here.
  • Get a up to $80 back when you buy select Dunlop brand tires. The rebate expires on May 31st, 2012 and is available here.

More about Dunlop Tires
Dunlop rubber was founded in 1889 in the UK and manufactured tire and other rubber products for nearly 100 years. In 1985, the company was acquired by British conglomerate BTL plc. BTR was started as the British subsidiary of the Goodrich Rubber Co. BTR chose not to continue to manufacture tires under the Dunlop brand, but instead sold the rights to use the name to Goodyear and Sumitomo tires. Goodyear owns the manufacturing and naming rights in Europe and North America while Sumitomo is restricted the use of the name to Asian, particularly Japanese markets. Though the two companies do cooperate on marketing the Dunlop name, their tires have diverged over the years. Today, the Dunlop tires sold by the two companies have very different performance characteristics so shoppers should be aware of which type of Dunlops they are buying. It is expected that Goodyear and Sumitomo will continue to produce different tire designs in the future.

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