Cooper tire rebate

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Cooper Tire rebate 2011: Cooper Tire & Rubber Company specializes in the manufacturing and sale of private passenger and commercial vehicle tires. The Findlay, Ohio based company has been in business since 1914 and is the second largest tire company in the United States after Goodyear tire and rubber company. They employ more than 13,000 people around the world. Most of the company’s revenue made in the United States, but they have been branching out to offshore markets. In recent years, about one quarter of their yearly revenue is made in China alone. The companysells a number of different tire other tire brands including Avon, Dean, Mastercraft and Starfire tires. Most of the brands are a result of buyouts of other tire companies throughout Cooper’s history.

Cooper sells a wide selection for almost every vehicle need, but do tend to specialize in all season and touring tires. Unlike many companies who sell to both consumers and car manufacturers, they have focused almost exclusively on the replacement market. This has allowed them to concentrate their efforts to selling tires to consumers and not large car companies. The most popular brands are:

  • CS4 all season touring
  • Lifeliner all season touring
  • Trendsetter entry level all season
  • Zeon performance
  • Cobra Radial all season performance

The company also sells a variety of light truck tires. The most lines include:

  • Discoverer on road/off road
  • Zeon sport truck and all terrain

The most well known of the company’s tire are the CS4 all season. They claim that they spent more than $200 million in researching and developing this tire line. The company is particularly proud of the stopping ability of the tires and their to handling in wet conditions. Many reviews have supported these assertions which have helped make the design very popular. The CS4 line is so popular that they can sometimes be hard to find at many retailers. All of Cooper’s products come with varying warranties typically from 40,000 to 80,000 miles and all tires come with a 45 day “road test” warranty.

Cooper tire rebates: The company often has a rebates of specific tires throughout the year. The brands of tires will vary from rebate to rebate, so if you do not see the brand for your needs just come back in a few weeks and the brand may be covered with a new rebate. You should also note that Cooper often puts restrictions on which shops will qualify for a rebate. In particular many rebates requires you to purchase the tires from “Cooper Medallion” retailers. You will want to check with your store to see if they qualify for a given rebate or if they are Cooper Medallion members.

Current Cooper Tire Rebates

  • Get either a $75 or $50 rebate on the purchase of select Cooper tires. The rebate expires November 6th, 2012.
  • Get up to $75 rebate when you buy select set of 4 Cooper tires. The offer expires November 7th, 2011.
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