Continental tire rebate

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Continental AG tire rebates are only offered a handful of times a year, especially in 2011. Unlike other tire manufacturers like Goodyear or Firestone, the German based company has used rebates as part of their marketing efforts to become better known in the United States and Canada. Their rebates are timed for special circumstances and are often accompanied with other marketing efforts. Thus the discounts tend to be offered sporadicly and unpredictably. It may be frustrating to wait for a rebate, Continental tends to make their offers less restrictive than other manufacturers. You still have to purchase the obligatory 4 tires, but almost all of the company’s rebate are available on all of their brands.

Continental has a good track record of fulfilling their rebates quickly, though the actual rebates are not always for cash. For example, in early 2011, Continental offered a rebate of a free Flip video camera if you purchased a set of any 4 Continental tires. This rebate was partnering with the flip video recorder to advertise both of the companys’ brands. If you did not want a video camera, you can get $65 back. Most times, the company will offer cash rebates ranging from $40 to $75 in cash value. Luckily Continental still sends out rebate checks instead of redeeming the rebate with a pre-paid credit card. It should be noted that the latest rebates from Continental’s subsidiary, General Tire does take the form of a pre-paid gift cards. It is possible that the company is switching its payment methods.

Continental sells almost all of its European designs in the North American market. The most popular ones by the company are:

  • ContiSport contact performance
  • ExtremeContact
  • ContiPro Contact performance
  • ProContact Ecoplus all season
  • ContiPro Contact all season touring
  • ExtremeWinter Contact winter design
  • CrossContact UHP high performance 4 wheel driven vehicles
  • CrossContact LX street designed for heavy 4×4 vehicles
  • Vanco van 8 tires specializing in economy and long tread life
  • VancoContact tires designed for vehicles with a high balance point and for transporting heavy loads
  • Vanco4Season made fort 4 season, better traction of vans
  • ContiTrac light truck tires for highway use with light off road usage
  • ContiTrac TR designed for precise steering, enhanced stability and traction for both on and off-road use

Many of the Continental’s tires have garnered top reviews and feedback. For example, one of the company’s best of their lines is the ExpremeContact DWS. This tire is one of the best non-winter tires in snow and ice as well as wet conditions. The ultra-high performance all-season tire is also relatively inexpensive compared to similar competing brands and comes with a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty. Most reviews have also been impress at the tire’s handling and control through all kinds of conditions.

More about Continental AG:
Continetal AG is the second largest tire manufacturer in Europe after the Michelin tire company. The conglomerate is known for manufacturing automotive and transport equipment like brakes, vehicle stability controls, engine injections and of course tires. It is not as well known in United States and Canada even after trying to become a major player in the North American market. After many years of being a successful automotive parts supplier in Europe, the company entered the US market in 1987 by buying General tires. The acquisition did not help either the Continental or General tires brand though persistent marketing and a reputation of good quality tires has raised the stature of the Continental brands. The company still markets the General tire brands as a separate unit.

Latest Continental tire rebates:

  • Get a free Nook Simple Touch when you buy 4 Continental tires. The rebate is valid from March 26th to May 6th, 2012 and can be downloaded here.
  • Get up to $110 rebate when you buy 4 Continental tires. This rebate is only valid for Canadians and until December 12th, 2011. The rebate form can be downloaded here.
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