BF Goodrich tire rebates 2014

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BF Goodrich is a brand of tires sold by Michelin mostly in the United States and Canada. The company was the first American tire manufacturer in 1870 and built a reputation for producing quality wheel coverings for passenger vehicles. They was the first company to manufacture radial tires in the United States but was hampered the similarity of its name to the Goodyear tire corporation. In 1988, Goodrich tire manufacturing was sold to Michelin and today operates as a division of Michelin tires. The original corporation continues today as Goodrich aerospace which focuses on development and manufacturing of landing, electronic and interior systems for aircraft.

Goodrich has a long tradition of manufacturing car and truck/SUV tires. Their reputation has changed slightly within the last decade or so as the company has focused more on the light truck/ SUV market and less on the standard cars. Still, the G-Force brand is well known for their performance, but today there seems to be less innovation in almost all of the car lines. This is most likely because Michelin already has an excellent line of car tires and is spending less money developing Goodrich technology in those areas. The most popular Goodrich brands are:

  • G-Force performance
  • Advantage performance
  • Traction all season
  • Radial performance
  • Winter Slalom winter
  • Touring all season touring
  • Long Trail all season SUV/Truck
  • Rugged Trail off road SUV/Truck
  • Mud-Terrain off road SUV/Truck
  • Baja off road racing
  • Krawler off road
  • Mud-Terrain off road

Goodrich tires are very popular for certain segment of the tire market. For example, it is a well respected name for truck and SUV tires. The Baja and Krawler lines have won numerous awards in their respective categories.

There have been a marked decline in the number of rebates and promotions from Goodrich the last few years. Though Michelin tends to have a rebate going for at least one brands at any given time, in BF Goodrich have not been among that group. You can occasionally find their rebates that are linked to specific retailers like discount tires or Costco. These rebates tend to vary in value from $30 to $80 for four tires. In addition, a few Michelin rebates will specify that any Michelin brands are available for a rebate. Unfortunately, these rebates tend to be for lower dollar amounts.

Latest BF Goodrich tire rebates

  • Get $30 back after the rebate of 4 BF Goodrich all-terrain T/A tires from Discount/America’s tire. The rebate is valid until December 8th, 2012 and can be viewed here.
  • Get $50 back after the rebate of 4 BF Goodrich tires. The rebate is valid until May 7th, 2012 and can be viewed here.
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